Which POS system is right for me? What to consider when choosing a POS
Have you ever wondered how cash registers work? A cash register is one of the first things that greet you when you’re checking your items out of a store. Buying a cash register—or better yet, a point-of-sale (POS) system—for your business looks simple on the surface, but more thought should be put into it. There are a number of factors you should consider to choose the right POS tech for your store.

The features—what do you need?

POS systems can be used in a wide range of applications. There are ones designed for the retail industry and others are for use in healthcare applications. You should know which POS features your business needs to buy a proper system for it. The systems in the retail business are different from the ones in healthcare, so that’s a start on what you need to consider. Consider that in hospitality, for example, your POS system will likely need to be spill-resistant, and able to be used with wet hands.

Usability—how easy is it to use?

Businesses run on efficiency. The faster it is to use a POS, the better. You should consider this when building up your POS system; an employee that can work quickly and efficiently on a POS is good for business, while one that spends a long time learning and adjusting can hinder the business’ progress. But we don’t want speed just within the UI. Connection speeds matter too, and can make a vital difference on the bottom line.

Ease of learning—how quickly can it be mastered?

There will come a time when you have to replace a former employee with a new one. Training will come sooner or later; for this purpose, it’s important to have a POS that’s easy to learn and master than one that’s complicated. Training is a serious drain on a business’ income and each training session that you do with a new hire will keep on draining your business.

Communication—seamless integration

A good POS system is one that can integrate into a network easily. With an increasing reliance on the Internet of Things (IoT), POS systems need to be able to connect to an establishment’s network without much fuss. It saves time and can also contribute to doing things in a faster way, allowing you to dedicate more time to growing your business instead of mastering technology.

Customer support—easy problem resolution

A POS system isn’t only hardware and software; it’s also a contract between you and the company that provides it. When you rent or buy a POS system, consider dealing with a company that has good aftersales service. This is crucial especially if your employees are still learning the ropes. It would be great to have a team from the POS manufacturers supporting your staff on their first day with the POS system.

If you are looking for a POS system, then talk to the experts

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