Casio Cash Registers

If you run a business, you need a cash register. Unless you specialise in e-commerce, customers aren’t so forgiving of a store that doesn’t offer an efficient, convenient and reliable payment service. We’re so used to getting things done at the swipe of a card that anything longer than a few seconds feels like a waste of time. At POS Technology, we have a range of cash registers to help local businesses run smoothly, without any hiccups.

Cash Registers for Everyone

We have high-end, mid-level and entry-level cash registers to meet the demands of all types of businesses. Whether you need a Casio cash register for a sports stadium, a restaurant or a clothing store, you’ll be able to find something suitable in our catalogue. Pick one with an LCD touch screen, a built-in thermal printer, or a raised keyboard. Or how about an anti-bacterial keyboard? A hybrid keyboard with 72 flat keys and 3 levels? The world is your oyster!

A Casio cash register can be teamed up with an EFTPOS terminal and other POS hardware and software to create a complete payment solution. Deck out your new cash register with bond paper so you can print out receipts for your customers. If your business sells barcoded items, pair your cash register with an ergonomic scanner and a sturdy cash drawer to cater to those who still prefer counting out notes.

From Then to Now

Cash registers were invented by two American folks following the Civil War, but these were simple adding machines. James Ritty didn’t want his employees pilfering his profits from the saloon he owned, so he and his brother John created the world’s first mechanical register. The technology has become more sophisticated, but the focus on security remains very much the same. Protect your business and your customers with a Casio cash register.

Casio cash registers

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