Point of Sale Marketing: How to Upsell While Your Customer Reaches for Their EFTPOS Card
A customer’s buying journey doesn’t have to end once they reach the counter. In fact, your shop counter is one of the crucial places in your store where you can maximise sales while building great customer relationships at the same time. Make the most of your customer’s shopping experience with these great point of sale (POS) marketing tips on how to upsell while your customer reaches for their EFTPOS card!

1. Suggest related products.

This tip is highly effective especially for first-time upsellers as it isn’t very difficult to pull off. If your customer is picking up a new pair of sneakers, perhaps suggest a new pair of socks. If they’re buying drinks, offer some fries to go with their beverages. Complementary products sell more because customers may not realise they need them, or didn’t initially notice them in your store. Weather-related items are also easy to upsell, such as hats in the summer or hot chocolates in the winter. The trick is to take on a customer mindset to find out what other products they might want to purchase that require little convincing.

2. Stock cheap, impulse products at the counter.

Stocking or placing cheap and impulse-buy products on the counter is a great way of passively upselling to customers who have already made the commitment to spend their money at your store. At a retail store these could be little accessories such as phone cases, and for a café, it could be small cookies that would go great with their coffees. Novel items are also great for stocking at the counter since they are likely to capture attention.

3. Emphasise value and discounts.

Customers want to get great value for money, so don’t forget to remind them of the awesome discounts or offers your store is promoting at the moment. Remind them about your great buy-one-get-one (BOGO) deal, or that sweet 20% off discount if you buy more than one item. Surprisingly, a lot of customers won’t pay attention to your signs so a verbal reminder never hurts, and may even provide a pleasant surprise for your customer.

4. Gain customer loyalty.

Does your business have a loyalty card system or a VIP mailing list? Encouraging your customers to come back for future services by giving them a loyalty card or by sending them special promo e-mails is a great way to secure customer loyalty. And don’t be afraid to add an extra incentive either. If they sign up, giving them a 10% discount right then and there will encourage customer satisfaction. A great timing for this might be when they’re waiting for their EFTPOS transaction to go through, so time your pitches carefully.

5. Plan and prepare with your POS.

A good POS system is an integral part of your business as it ideally keeps track of important sales information so you can plan and prepare for upselling in the future. Looking at the stats and finding your customers’ favourites and go-to items will help you identify exactly what to upsell. A customer’s journey only ends once they walk out the door, so make the most of your customer interaction by remembering these great marketing tips for upselling at the counter. If your business is in need of an integrated POS system solution, contact us at 0508 2 POS TECH and we’ll help you improve your sales with POS marketing today!