POS software

You need to be able to track and analyse your actions to run a sustainable business, which is why it’s important you choose the right POS software. At POS Technology we have a wide range of POS software to suit any kind of retail business, whether that be a vintage clothing store or a Mediterranean restaurant. Grow your business and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty with one of our smart POS solutions.

We have four unique POS software solutions available: ASTUTE TILLMANAGER, IDEAL POS, Point 3 POS and SWIFTPOS. Each software has specific key features that make it ideal for different needs and purposes. Pick the POS software that best satisfies your requirements, and combine it with our other POS products. Pick ‘n mix POS software, POS hardware and add-ons such as EFTPOS terminals and cash registers to cook up the perfect POS dish.

The right POS software can help you with inventory management and sales operations, so your business can operate more efficiently. Our highly functional and reliable POS software integrates with other POS hardware to give you faster and more accurate results. These modern software makes the administration side more convenient, with a user-friendly interface and a streamlined process. Reporting and stock management has never been easier!

If you can’t decide on a POS software product, we’re more than happy to help out. We’ve been in the POS business for a long time, helping local businesses get ahead with superior technology. To enquire about POS software or any other POS technology, pop into our store or contact us through our website. We know POS like our ABCs!

POS software

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