POS Machine Not Working? Try These Tips Before You Call Your Technician
Whenever a POS machine stops working, most people tend to panic, especially when it stops working while you’re serving a customer. Halting all customer transactions mid-way can cause an unfortunate loss of customers, and to make things worse, calling up your POS technician or technical support team can take a very long time. However, don’t panic! Most POS problems are common and can be solved by simple troubleshooting. Here are some quick and easy ways to solve common POS machine problems.

1. My POS isn’t printing!

Pop the lid of your printer and make sure the thermal paper/printing paper is set correctly. It should be printing on the right side of the paper, normally feeding from the underside up. Otherwise, your POS may have just ran out of paper, so keep some print rolls handy and replace the empty one correctly. The same course of action is advised for replacing ribbon inks.

2. My machine isn’t responding!

A lot of technicians will say, “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” when you call them because a simple reboot should be enough to solve this kind of problem. If your machine isn’t responding or is frozen, restart your machine, or remove your power cable and then reconnect it after 10 seconds.

3. My machine isn’t connected!

Connectivity problems normally arise when you configure your networks. If you’ve recently changed your Wi-Fi password, reconfigure your POS network settings and enter the new password. Otherwise, reconnect or replace the network cable and check all telephone lines if your device is wired to broadband/dial-up.

4. My machine isn’t reading the card!

Keep trying to swipe a customer’s card with different speeds to ensure your terminal can properly register the magnetic strip. Additionally, older cards will normally have chip or strip problems due to wear and tear, so just keep following your terminal’s instructions until it eventually works. If your POS still can’t read the card, check whether or not it can read other cards. As all these POS problems are common, it’s essential to train your staff to deal with them beforehand so they are prepared to take the appropriate actions should the need arise. Remembering these easy-to-follow troubleshooting tips the next time your POS machine encounters common problems ensures that you minimise down time and keep your business flowing. If you come across bigger issues regarding your point of sale system, keep customer support contact details on-hand and ensure that your POS providers offer good customer service support. For New Zealand’s largest provider of all things POS, contact POS Technology today! We have all the latest technology and reliable customer support services to ensure your business is always on track even at the most crucial moments. We have over 30 onsite technical support staff nationwide to support you – we’re only a quick call away. Talk to us about for amazing POS solutions at 0508 2 POS TECH today!