Touch Screens

Having a point-of-sale (POS) system that works well is crucial to any retail or hospitality business operating effectively, and upgrading to a touch-screen POS terminal can help you to operate more efficiently when it comes to serving customers.


At POS technology, we stock a range of five different touch screens which are all perfectly suited to hospitality and retail, with compact 15-inch screens, and options including easy-to-remove hard drives and fanless designs. If you’re not sold on a touch screen, read some of the amazing benefits that implementing this technology could bring to your business!


Increase your POS efficiency

Using touch screens as part of your POS system will increase efficiency across the board, since it takes less time to simply tap an icon on a screen instead of using a computer mouse, or inputting a code. For businesses with a constant stream of customers throughout the day, every second you save will add up, and will also improve customer experience and the overall impression of your store. Research has even found that using a touch-screen POS terminal can reduce employee response time by up to 20 per cent, compared to traditional POS input systems.


Easier than ever to use

Touch-screen systems are generally more intuitive for employees than cash registers and other POS systems – as such, training new employees on their use will take less time. Touch screen systems are as easy for a new employee to use as they are for an experienced worker, and accommodate for those who have challenges using complicated computer systems. By combining the data-entry method with the display, touch-screen terminals are similar to tablet and smartphone technology, and so are more natural to use for younger digital natives who have grown up with this technology, rather than separate keyboards.


If you’re having problems or looking to upgrade any part of your POS system, be sure to look at our products page, and remember that we provide full training and service on all our POS products.



Touch Screens

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