When scanning barcodes on products for customers, the quality of your scanner can be make-or-break in terms of efficiency at the Point of Sale, as your employee can either keep the customer engaged while quickly scanning through the barcode and maintain the progress of their purchase, or bring the process to a hault while they have to fight a scanner that’s reluctant to accept the barcode. Quality POS hardware is key to the flow of your business, and a scanner is no place to skimp on making sure that you are running an efficient operation that can handle a high quantity of customers. POS Technology currently has four different scanners on sale, to meet the varied needs of our customers.

Hands-free or handheld

There’s no clear answer as to whether handsfree or handheld barcode scanners are the fastest – it will depend entirely on the types of products you’re selling, the POS setup and desk you already have in place, and those other intangible factors that are specific to your retail business. While handheld scanners are easier for larger or heavier products that are harder to manoeuvre into place for a handsfree scanner, small products including clothes will be able to pass through POS much faster with a handsfree scanner, as you can easily hold the barcode up to the scanner.

Optimising your operation

The key to choosing the right scanner will be whatever works optimally as part of your POS operation. This means that scanners have to be looked at as part of a whole, and you have to make the improvements in places that will make the POS process work as quickly and efficienty as possible. If you’re having problems with cash drawers, EFTPOS terminals, touch screens, or any other part of your POS system then be sure to look at POS Technology’s Products page, and remember that we provide training and service on all our POS products.


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