POS Printers

Printing was first created as a way to make it easier to quickly create duplicate copies of documents, books, and even block printing on fabric. Intaglio, an early printing method, uses chemical processes to create an image on a smooth surface. High volume lithography is still used today for newspapers, posters, and books.

Technological developments have seen rapid improvements in the way people utilise printing – one of the most common uses of printing technology is the printing of receipts with POS Printers.

The Receipt Printer is an Unsung Hero for Many Businesses:

Whilst it is not something that is loudly praised by businesses, the receipt printer is a key part of many businesses. Imagine how different the day-to-day running of your business would be if you no longer had access to a receipt printer. Printing is now at the forefront of Point of Sale Hardware with Dot Matrix and Thermal Printers leading the way in the Receipt Printer NZ Market.

Streamline The Checkout Process With a Dot Matrix or Thermal Printer

When you have a line of customers waiting to purchase your products, you want to make sure that the transaction process is streamlined and as efficient as process. The final (and most important) part of the customer purchase journey is the checkout process. Our range of Thermal Printers and Dot Matrix Printers are fast, versatile and streamline the entire checkout process all while being very easy to pick up and use. Avoid having your customers wait around for their receipts to print out with one of our quiet and high-speed printers.

View our range of POS Printers and feel free to ask our team if you have any questions regarding how you can improve your existing Retail POS System.


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