How to Choose the Right Cash Register for Your Business
Choosing the right cash register is crucial to making sure your business can operate at one of its pivotal points – the point of sale (POS). A cash register carries out a business’s main responsibilities: ensuring a smooth transaction, tracking your enterprise’s inventory and of course keeping your earnings safe. It should be no wonder then that a considerable amount of time and thought should be placed when making the final decisions on your business’ very own cash register – what it should look like, the features it has and how much you should ideally spend. To make the process easier, we’ve outlined a few simple steps that will help you choose the right cash register for your business.

Step 1: Evaluate your business.

Your business’ needs should always be priority when it comes to choosing your point of sale system. Consider your business’s size, inventory and overall purpose. A cash register for a restaurant will look different from a cash register for a dental practice. Moreover, if your business is product-oriented, you will want to consider your inventory’s size, and whether or not you’ll need more than one. A POS system should last you a long time, so it’s important to think about what lies ahead for your business in the near future.

Step 2: Think about extra features.

As mentioned before, there are different types of cash registers for different types of business. Extra features such as touch screens prove useful for retailers and hospitality, as the service user interface can be integrated with processing transactions. Small but important details such as the kind of printing – ribbon or thermal – should also be considered, as ribbon might be cheaper upfront, but frequently buying ink might quickly rack up costs. Other things such as optional security features might also be beneficial depending on the nature of your business.

Step 3: Consider the service.

A good POS system provider will offer support service as well as good-quality hardware. Make sure your considered provider asks you the right questions so they can give you exactly what your company requires. Support services for updating your system, troubleshooting and just general customer inquiry should also be available in case you run into trouble with your machine in the future.

Step 4: Keep looking.

It’s easy to jump in and decide on a cash register that’s appealing and matches your business criteria requirements. However, it’s also essential to widen your scope and canvas for other options. If you’re looking for cheaper alternatives, maybe a second-hand machine will be enough to suit your present needs. Otherwise, don’t make any abrupt decisions before you’ve seen all your options because you might find something better or cheaper. Finding the perfect POS system can be time-consuming, but it’s rewarding in the long run if your cash register will provide great service to you for many years to come. If it fits the bill, you may also want to think about investing in an EFTPOS machine to further upgrade your POS system. Contact 0508 2 POS TECH today for the best point of sale service and support in New Zealand!