Everything You Need To Know About Cash Drawers

Everything You Need To Know About Cash Drawers

There are so many POS and manual cash drawer options available in New Zealand that deciding which one to buy can be confusing. Depending on your needs, Pos Technology can help you make sure you select the right kind.

Printer-Driven Cash Drawers

The most popular cash drawers on the market are connected using an RJ12 connector, a telephone-style cable, and are Printer Driven. The DK (Drawer Kick) port on your receipt printer accepts a cable that is roughly 1.5 to 2 meters long and plugs directly into it. They are typical 24-volt drawers since the printer uses that voltage to engage the internal solenoid and open the cash drawer. They come in a few different designs, such as Standard Full Size, Compact, and Flip Top.

Manual Cash Drawers

Keys, buttons, or "Push to Open, Push to Close" can be used to open manual cash drawers. If you want to open the cash drawer using an electronic push button, there are also cash drawer triggers available. The key can be used to manually open POS Cash Drawers, but some people find that with repeated back and forth movements, the keys eventually snap or break off.

12 Volt Cash Drawers

There are fewer 12 Volt cash drawers available than 24v ones. They are used with some POS systems where the cash drawers are directly connected to the POS system's port, and occasionally a 12-volt drawer is needed. Please check this with the terminal's manufacturer to be sure you are buying the right one because this is not always the case since some use a 24-volt standard drawer.

Compact Cash Drawers

Space-saving Compact Cash Drawers are excellent. Choosing a compact cash drawer is the best option if you need something with a small or compact footprint. The compact drawers are primarily measured in width because, despite being small, they still need room to store coins in the front and notes in the back. The difference you need to allow for the cash drawer to fit in the space you have designated is typically around 1cm in height. The width of a standard drawer is roughly 41 cm, while a compact drawer is 35 cm wide. Additionally, compact drawers typically contain 4 notes, compared to 5 notes in a standard drawer.

A variety of Cash Drawers are available for purchase at Pos Technology. For quick delivery across New Zealand, you can order directly from our website, or if you’re a Wellington local, head into our Lyall Bay office.