5 emerging tech trends for POS systems
As we rush deeper into the second half of 2018, we’re seeing more and more businesses adopt new POS technologies that are revolutionising point-of-sale transactions. However, in this ever-changing technological landscape, there’s always more disruption around the corner: for our latest blog, we’ll take a look at five emerging tech trends that will play a part in the POS systems of the future.

Mobile wallets

Apple Pay, Samsung Pay – paying with mobile phones rather than cash or card has become a hot topic in recent times even though still a low proportion of the population is doing it. In the next few years, it’s certain that many more people will adopt this technology into their daily lives simply due to the convenience that it provides: more mobile providers will offer the option, and more POS systems will accept mobile payments to give their customers greater payment flexibility.

Online ordering pickups

Already, many food businesses offer store-specific payment apps that let customers order and pay for their purchase online, so that when they arrive in store, their food or product is ready to go. This dramatically decreases the time that customers spend in store, and saves them time overall, while staff can spend less time attending to customer service and more time preparing the food or product. In the future, this is bound to continue and expand to areas outside of food, as mobile payments get easier and easier.

Unmanned kiosks

The ability to scan and pay for items without help from a retail assistant, as well as updated security systems and self-use POS technology, are allowing many businesses to employ unmanned kiosks at the point-of-sale. This helps reduce staff costs and increase the efficiency of their stores, while customers can breeze through – helpful for those in a rush. In the future, it’s likely that, with advancing technology, the amount of unmanned kiosks will increase, and the types of businesses using them will broaden.

Data and analytics

POS systems are sure to increase both the amount and types of data retailers are able to collect from customers in the years to come. Some businesses already collect customer data – this will only continue to increase, especially with the massive role that data plays for the vast majority of businesses in 2018 and beyond. POS data collection will give businesses access to the type of information that lets them compare and take a deeper look at trends and patterns – analytics that can be the fuel for improving processes and making decisions for the future.

Mobile POS units

Fully mobile POS units are already commonplace, but haven’t been adopted by as many businesses as could be making use of them. Mobile POS units can increase the speed and efficiency of payments wherever you are, meaning they’re not just handy for retail but also at events, on the street, or almost anywhere else that you could think of! It’s hard to see these handy units not continuing to increase in popularity in the years to come. You can get mobile EFTPOS terminals from POS Technology today, as well as all the other point-of-sale technology that you’d ever need: if you’re looking for a POS solutions provider who can help you to choose the right POS system for your business - POS Technology is right for you! As a one-stop shop for all things POS, we guarantee that you won’t have to go anywhere else to find yourself a completely up-to-date and modern POS system!