What Type of EFTPOS Machine Should a Small Business Use?
Electronic payment is now the prevalent method of payment in New Zealand. As a result, EFTPOS machines are now considered an essential for every business, no matter the size. There are a wide variety of EFTPOS machines available out there suitable for every business – including small business – and the type of EFTPOS machine your small business should be using depends on the nature and needs of your business. Different businesses trading in particular industries need different terminals that have their own special features and benefits. Below we’ve outlined different types of EFTPOS machines suitable for small business use.

Countertop EFTPOS

A countertop EFTPOS terminal is the classic choice when it comes to electronic payments. These EFTPOS terminals are used in a variety of industries including hospitality, retail and other service-related businesses. A countertop EFTPOS terminal is perfect for brick and mortar storefronts, able to connect to direct broadband/Wi-Fi connections. Nowadays, most countertop terminals have Tap & Go contactless payment capabilities such as payWave or mobile payments. Countertops also give businesses the flexibility to choose either one or two-piece terminals. For most small businesses, a one-piece terminal may be enough, but high-traffic businesses such as cafes and retail shops might want to invest in two-piece terminals. The latter provides faster transaction processing as both merchant and customer make separate actions independently at a maximum distance of 3m.


Mobile or portable EFTPOS machines are ideal for businesses that are on the move. Mobile EFTPOS terminals are normally connected to a mobile network (2G/3G or 4G) that allows them to work wirelessly. If your company offers site-to-site services such as electrical work, plumbing or the like, then investing in a mobile EFTPOS terminal is a smart decision. This allows for immediate payment after your work is done so you don’t have to chase invoices and payments. Mobile terminals also generally offer contactless payment methods, further speeding up transactions.

Integrated EFTPOS

These days, EFTPOS terminals and point of sale (POS) systems are often integrated. Connecting your machine hardware to a single merchant software helps for faster processing and accurate transactions. This eliminates inaccuracies as the amount tendered on the POS will match the amount on the terminal. Furthermore, integrated EFTPOS machines keep track of sales, inventories and other useful information, allowing you to look up and analyse your sales data in a fast and convenient way. It is indeed true that small businesses are the backbone of our economy. Discover opportunities for success and grow your business with an EFTPOS machine from POS Technology today! POS Tech is guaranteed to have the perfect POS system solution for you, providing only the latest technologies in countertop, mobile and integrated EFTPOS. Call 0508 2 POS TECH today for the best in POS support system infrastructure in New Zealand.