Man confused by EFTPOS Machine

Training your staff in using EFTPOS machines

Retail shops, restaurants, hotels, and many other workplaces are upgrading their outdated cash register to POS systems which are more ...
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Future of EFTPOS

What’s Next for EFTPOS?

EFTPOS is a pervasive part of New Zealand society. Compared to the rest of the world, we are the leading ...
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POS Marketing Upselling at Coffee Shop

Point of Sale Marketing: How to Upsell While Your Customer Reaches for Their EFTPOS Card

A customer’s buying journey doesn’t have to end once they reach the counter. In fact, your shop counter is one ...
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Customers Using POS Machine in Cafe

POS Machine Not Working? Try These Tips Before You Call Your Technician

Whenever a POS machine stops working, most people tend to panic, especially when it stops working while you’re serving a ...
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New Zealand loves EFTPOS

New Zealand Loves EFTPOS

EFTPOS is a part of almost every New Zealander’s day-to-day living. Every Kiwi owns at least 1.5 EFPTOS cards or ...
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Choosing the right cash register

How to Choose the Right Cash Register for Your Business

Choosing the right cash register is crucial to making sure your business can operate at one of its pivotal points ...
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Types of EFTPOS machines for small business

What Type of EFTPOS Machine Should a Small Business Use?

Electronic payment is now the prevalent method of payment in New Zealand. As a result, EFTPOS machines are now considered ...
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Impulsive Spending

Do Electronic Payment Methods Encourage Impulsive Spending?

A lot of money-saving advice includes ditching plastic EFTPOS or credit/debit cards and using physical cash instead. But does this ...
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Point of Sale System in Restaurant

Common Point of Sale Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

A highly-functional point of sale (POS) system is crucial to a business’ success. The latest technological updates have allowed us ...
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